12 DIY Beauty Recipes Anyone Can Make (2024)

You know that icky feeling you get when you walk by a high-class salon, look through the window and spot all of those fabulous haircare and style products you’ll never be able to afford? The bright neon packaging just screams out to you, and you wonder what secrets are inside those oddly-shaped bottles. Then, you go home and try to make a bottle of Pantene last for six months while shaving your legs with soap you stole from your roommate.

It’s time to take matters in your own hands. There are tons of reliable homemade beauty remedies perfect for any girl looking to save some money while enhancing her natural beauty in a healthy and hygienic way. With just a few household ingredients, anyone can whip up face masks, lip balms, body scrubs, shampoos and more that you and your friends can sample. They will leave anyone feeling fresh and radiant. So go ahead—treat yourself and give some of these easy beauty recipes a whirl.


These basic beauty and hygiene recipes require little to no effort and only use one or two ingredients to get the job done.

Coconut Oil = Sunscreen

Coconut oil is literally the most versatile product out there. It can be used as cooking oil, massage oil and (bet you didn’t know this!) sunscreen. Next time you’re tanning by the pool, rub a dab of coconut oil on your arms and legs to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Lemons = Deodorant

Yes, it’s true; lemons are good for more than just lemonade. Apparently, if you cut a lemon in half, squeeze some juice into your hand, and rub it under your armpits, you’ll smell like fresh citrus all day.

Honey + Water = Shampoo

You may think washing your hair with honey can only create a sticky situation, but if you water it down enough, honey shampoo can hydrate and soften hair and fight off dandruff, frizz and bacterial and fungal issues.

Water, Baking Powder, Sea Salt and Dry Brushing = Natural Toothpaste Alternatives

All of these natural toothpaste substitutes and more are said to be easier on teeth and gums than artificial sweeteners, and they leave out weird ingredients like titanium dioxide often found in store-bought toothpaste.


If you’re willing to go the extra mile to create some exquisite body scrubs and hand lotions, be our guest and tackle these intermediate beauty recipes.

Watermelon + Yogurt = Face Mask

Mix together watermelon juice and yogurt and leave the paste on your face for ten minutes before rinsing to create softer, supple skin.

Coconut Oil + Purification Oil = Non-Toxic Zit Zapper

Melt two tablespoons of coconut oil, then remove it from heat and stir in a few drops of purification oil to make a handy zit zapper remedy. Use an eyedropper to transfer the mixture into lip balm tubes, and store in the fridge to prevent melting.

Arrowroot Powder + Cocoa Powder = Dry Shampoo

You can find arrowroot powder at Whole Foods or use corn starch as a more available substitute to fashion a homemade “no-poo” remedy. Add more cocoa powder to the mixture if your hair is darker and comb it through your hair starting at the roots. You’ll find the greasy spots gone in a few days and less damage done over time.

Arrowroot Powder + Shea Butter = Eye Shadow

Use arrowroot powder as your base and add any of these spices/powders to create different shades of eyeshadow: cocoa powder, nutmeg, turmeric or allspice. Once you have a well-mixed range of colors, add 1/4 teaspoon of shea butter to each mix to create a creamy powder that will stay on your eyelids and moisturize them.


You’re that girl who mixes up face masks for her friends at sleepovers and has a collection of DIY lip balms. Challenge yourself further with these multi-step home remedies.

Chocolate Chips + Coconut Oil + Mint Leaves + Cocoa Butter + Sweet Almond Oil = Lip Gloss

We know it’s a mouthful, but the result—mint chocolate lip gloss—makes it all worth it. It’s like having your mouth taste like a peppermint pattie all day!

Coconut Oil + Beeswax + Petroleum Jelly + Kool Aid = Lip Balm

You’ll feel like a kid again buying Kool Aid at the supermarket (the liquid and powder versions both work), but you’ll be able to create multiple flavors and your lips will have a fruity tang! To simplify this recipe even more, combine only petroleum jelly and Crystal Light packets.

Sea Salt + Coconut Oil + Lemon Essential Oil = Lemon Body Scrub

Rub this soothing concoction on your neck, feet, elbows, knees or other dry body parts in the shower to moisturize and soften your skin.

Gelatin + Honey + Apple Cider Vinegar = Frizzy Hair Relief

If you have thick, frizzy hair, keep it tame by finger-combing this mixture through dry hair for five minutes before shampooing.

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12 DIY Beauty Recipes Anyone Can Make (2024)
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