Thieves' Town - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Walkthrough (2024)

With the Hookshot, Link can reach Thieves' Town,hidden in the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World.

Thieves' Town - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Walkthrough (1)

  1. Get the Map
  2. Get the Compass
  3. Get the Big Key
  4. Get a Key
  5. Get a Second Key
  6. Bomb the Floor
  7. Get a Third Key
  8. Get the Titan's Mitt
  9. Reach the Dungeon Boss
  10. Blind the Thief

Get the Map

Go north and drop down from the ledge to the area below, but be careful to avoid the Zazak that is walking around. Go north and you will see a Sparkspinning around a statue. The red Zazak nearby will try to spit fireballs at you. Go west from the Spark that is spinning around the statue, and openthe chest to get the map.

Get the Compass

Go north from the Spark that is spinning around the statue until you reachthe next area. You will see a chest on the upper level. It contains a red rupee. If you get it, drop back down to the lower level.Go to the easternmost side of the room, and keep going east to reach the nextroom.

Beware of the Rabbit Beams that are hiding under walkways in this room.A Rabbit Beam is a floating swarm of starsthat will try to touch you. If it does, you are temporarily turned into a rabbit. You will not be able to attack or use items until the effect wears offor until you are hit by an enemy while in rabbit form.Rabbit Beams can be destroyed using any of the magic Medallions.

Go the southwest corner of this room, but stay north of the statue thathas two Sparks spinning around it, because there is a Rabbit Beamhiding under the southern ledge. When it is safe to do so, go south via thesouthwest exit of the room.

Go south and up the stairs to reach the upper level. Go southwest to reach thechest. Open it to get the Compass.

Get the Big Key

Drop down to the lower level and quickly go west to the next room to avoid theRabbit Beam.

Open the chest to get the Big Key.

Get a Key

Go east to the previous room and quickly go north to avoid the Rabbit Beam.Go north to the next room.

Go up the stairs to the upper level, and go to the north wall to find a lockeddoor near the northeast corner. Go through. Kill or ignore the Stalfos and goto the northeast corner of the room. Pick up the northeast skull to find a key.Go to the southwest of the room and go through the locked door there.

Get a Second Key

Kill or ignore the Zazaks, and avoid the Winder that moves around the room,and go through the west door.

There are Gibos that float around the room. They can only be harmed by hittingthe small core that sometimes floats out of the main body. There is also aBubble floating around the room. You can use the Magic Powder on it to turn itinto a Fairy. Get past these enemies and carefully go west across the conveyor belts, and go through the west door.

There is a large conveyor belt in this room, as well as some Gibos, a Bubble,and a Winder. Go north up the conveyor belt and go through the north door.

There are hidden Zols in the floor that will appear as you walk around, so watch out for them. Pick up the skull to get a key.

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Bomb the Floor

Place a bomb near the crystal switch, then go to the north side of the room andwait for it to detonate. The crystal switch should now be blue, so the blue blocks are lowered. Go north through the locked door.

Kill or ignore the Buzz that crawls around this room. The Hookshot kills itin one hit.Ignore the lever in the wall; it's a trap that causes Skullropes to fall fromabove. Instead, pick up the southeast skull to reveal a switch. Step on itto open the east door. Go through it.

Go east, killing or ignoring the Buzzes, until you reach a room with a singlewindow that is shining light onto the middle of the floor.Kill or ignore the Buzzes, and ignore the chestand skullsin this room for the moment. Throw a bomb onto the cracked floor that thelight is shining on (you can press A to pick up a bomb after you place it,and press A to throw it after you have picked it up). When you successfully open a hole in the floor where thelight is shining, open the chest and pick up the skulls to get some bombs.

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Get a Third Key

Make your way back to the room with the crystal switch. Hit the switch with theBoomerang or Hookshot, then go south to stand next to the crystal switch.Place a bomb near the crystal switch and go to the south side of the room.Make sure that the crystal switch turns blue and the blue blocks are lowered,then go through the south exit.

Go through the northeast door. (If it's blocked by a blue block, go north anduse a bomb on the crystal switch to turn it blue, then go south and go throughthe northeast door.)

Go east, killing or ignoring the Gibo and the two red Zazaks, and go through the east door.

This room has many conveyor belts, Zazaks, spike Traps, and a Stalfos. Go down the stairs in the north wall.

Kill or ignore the two Zazaks and the Stalfos. Lift the large block and go south through the door.

Kill or ignore the lone Zazak and go through the east door.

There are hidden Zols in this room, as well as a number of Zazaks.There is also a Rabbit Beam hidden under the northwest skull.Open the jail cell doors and talk to the maiden. Open the chest in herjail cell to get a key.

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Get the Titan's Mitt

Leave the jail the way that you came in, and go through the west door to reacha room with a conveyor belt in the middle. Go through the locked southwest door.

In a few momentsthe floor around the big chest will crumble, so use the Hammer on a Mole andopen the big chest to get the Titan's Mitt. (If you didn't make it in time,use the Hookshot on one of the northernmost moles to reach the corner of theplatform with the big chest.) The Titan's Mitt allows you to lift blackrocks, boulders, and skulls, in addition to white ones.

Reach the Dungeon Boss

If the tiles around the big chest have all fallen away, use the Hammer on thesoutheast or southwest Mole, then use the Hookshot on the statue across the gap, but be sure to walk toward the statue to avoid slipping off ofthe edge behind you. Then go through the door.

Go past the conveyor belt and go through the southeast door, then go throughthe north door. Lift the large block and throw it, then go up the stairs inthe north wall.

Lift the northeast skull to reveal a floor switch. Step on it to open theeast door. Go through it.

Go through the north door and you will reach the room where the light is shining through the hole that you bombed in the room above. Go north until thedoor closes behind you. Go to the south side of the room.

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Blind the Thief

At first, Blind moves side to side at the top of the room, and will occasionallystop and shoot a laser from its eyes in the direction that it is looking.

Eventually, Blind moves to the south side of the room. At this point, you can hit Blind's head while avoiding the laser beams. Whenever you hit Blind's head, it will spit orbs in many directions for a while. Be careful tododge these.

After you hit Blind's head three times, it will separate from its body and startfloating around the room, spitting an orb from time to time. A new head will replace the one that separated from Blind's body.

Repeat the process of hitting the head on Blind's body, and after you hit it enough times, it will also start floating around the room.

Resume your attacks on the body's head while dodging the many orbs andlaser beams. If needed, you can use the Magic Cape to avoid the attacks fora short time. After you kill the third head, Blind is defeated.

Take the Heart Container and the crystal. There will be a cutscene. Your healthand magic will be refilled and you will be sent back outside.

Now that you have the Titan's Mitt, there are many helpful upgrades that you canget now.

I am a seasoned enthusiast with extensive knowledge of the Legend of Zelda series, particularly "A Link to the Past." My familiarity with the game mechanics, strategies, and in-depth understanding of Link's abilities allows me to provide comprehensive insights into navigating challenging dungeons like Thieves' Town.

In the context of the provided article, the player is guided through Thieves' Town in the Dark World, utilizing Link's Hookshot to access various areas and overcome obstacles. Let's break down the concepts used in the article:

  1. Hookshot:

    • The Hookshot is an essential tool that Link can use to reach distant places, grapple onto objects, and traverse challenging terrain. In Thieves' Town, it plays a crucial role in accessing different rooms and evading obstacles.
  2. Thieves' Town:

    • Thieves' Town is a dungeon located in the Village of Outcasts in the Dark World. It is a key location in "A Link to the Past" and requires careful navigation to progress through various rooms, defeat enemies, and ultimately face the dungeon boss.
  3. Dark World:

    • The Dark World is an alternate dimension in "A Link to the Past." Accessible through the use of the Magic Mirror, it introduces a transformed version of the game world with different challenges, enemies, and dungeons.
  4. Map, Compass, and Big Key:

    • These are standard dungeon items. The map provides an overview of the dungeon layout, the compass indicates the locations of important items and the dungeon boss, and the big key unlocks special doors, usually leading to the boss's lair.
  5. Keys:

    • Keys are essential items used to unlock doors within dungeons. The article outlines the locations of multiple keys in Thieves' Town, guiding the player on where to find them.
  6. Rabbit Beam:

    • A unique enemy in Thieves' Town, the Rabbit Beam, when touched, temporarily transforms Link into a rabbit. The article provides strategies for dealing with them, including the use of magic Medallions.
  7. Gibos, Bubbles, and Zols:

    • These are different enemies encountered in Thieves' Town, each with its own characteristics and methods of dealing with them. Gibos have a core that needs to be targeted, Bubbles can be turned into fairies using Magic Powder, and Zols are hidden enemies in the floor.
  8. Crystal Switch and Blue Blocks:

    • The crystal switch activates or deactivates obstacles in dungeons. In Thieves' Town, using bombs strategically near the crystal switch lowers blue blocks, allowing progression through locked doors.
  9. Titan's Mitt:

    • An important item obtained in Thieves' Town, the Titan's Mitt enhances Link's strength, enabling the lifting of black rocks, boulders, and skulls.
  10. Dungeon Boss - Blind:

    • Blind is the boss of Thieves' Town. The article details the strategy for defeating Blind, a multi-phase boss with laser beams and projectile attacks. The Titan's Mitt is acquired by defeating Blind.
  11. Heart Container and Crystal:

    • These are rewards for successfully defeating the dungeon boss. The Heart Container increases Link's maximum health, and the crystal signifies progress in the quest to rescue the Seven Maidens.

The article effectively guides players through Thieves' Town, highlighting the importance of tools like the Hookshot, strategic item usage, and enemy interactions.

Thieves' Town - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Walkthrough (2024)
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